The HD Reader – Kobo Aura

Paper books are part of the past... Read eBooks

Paper books are part of the past… Read eBooks

Electronic books are highly in demand today thanks to apps on tablets and smartphones. But nothing beats the ebook reader for this very purpose. And today the Kobo Aura is taking the stage. With Kindle and Nook competing for your money, it is best to get to know the newest Kobo ebook reader and see if it’s worth every penny.

Why is it HD?

The first thing that you will notice with the Kobo Aura is the moniker “HD reader”. You may be wondering how an ebook reader can have high-definition. Well, the developers thought of not settling for just letting you read electronic books. Electronic magazines are also becoming popular and most ebook readers do not cater these electronic reading materials. They just offer black and white electronic ink quality. Then there are also other things to read than pure words such as engineering books that contains equations and graphics. Setting these ebooks in HD will make them much better for prep reading for exams and thesis.

Is the Device Heavier?

Kobo Aura eReader Tablet fits in your hand

Kobo Aura eReader Tablet fits in your hand

Since Kobo Aura HD is offering more quality than other ebooks, it is common to wonder if the portability gets diminished. This seems to be the case. It has a total weight of 8.5 ounces with the following dimensions: 6.9in H x 5.05in W x 0.46in D. It is indeed heavier than the previous Kobo Aura by 2.4 ounces and is nearing the weight of actual tablets such as iPad mini.

How is the Display Screen?

Like the Kobo Aura, the HD also boasts an anti-glare display that spreads from edge to edge with the typical wedge break. It also has a 6.8-inch display with a whooping resolution of 14 x 10. Sadly, it does not have the same contrast quality as the Kindle Paperwhite. But the difference is almost unnoticeable. Font quality is top notch and the HD is clearly there.

What about the Power?

HD technology is Kobo Aura

HD technology is Kobo Aura

I honestly do not see any point of having HD quality reading resolutions if the reader does not have the power to back it up. And Kobo Aura certainly has the power. It packs a 1ghz single core processor, roughly 20 percent more power than other popular eReaders. The only problem is the occasional slow response when turning pages. This could be due to the HD quality affecting overall performance. The developers should have considered more ghz since the HD is a much bigger device.

Overall, the Kobo Aura is able to deliver on its HD promise. But it came with a price. This eReader can be yours for $170. That is a hefty price for an eReader but the HD quality and impressive screen resolution does make it a worthy device.

Does He/She Think Everything’s A Game? 5 Ways To Know You’re Dating A Player

Starting a new relationship means to take a chance on love

Starting a new relationship means taking a chance on love

Committing yourself to a relationship is one of the best ways to find happiness. In fact, the promise of never again having to go through life alone is something that we all buy into, which is why we exert all the effort that we do at keeping our partner satisfied. The rewards that a good relationship offer more than make up for all this hard work, too. However, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is not really into you, a relationship can easily turn destructive. So, once you see these signs below manifest, it’s time to pack your things and head out the door.

1. You don’t see each other on weekends. Weeknight dates are quaint, in their own way, but they are also telling of a bigger problem: your partner reserves his or her weekends for more important things. If you have never been asked out to be with him or her on a Friday, look elsewhere for someone who thinks you’re well worth the weekend.

Have you meet the family yet?

Have you meet the family yet?

2. You have never been introduced to his or her friends or family. If somebody is into you, he or she will make every effort to incorporate you into his or her life. This means, dinners with the parents, or hangouts with the friends. If you’ve been dating for a while but you’ve never been graced with an invitation, don’t wait around for it as it may never come.

3. You don’t see your date for weeks at a time. If he or she disappears on you for a long stretch of time without even bothering to explain, stop thinking up names for your future babies. You will be informed of his or her whereabouts (sometimes, unnecessarily) if he or she is serious about you.

4. Your dates are stressful. A date who cancels at the last minute or calls you at the last minute is not worth it. Your partner, if he is committed to you, would never leave you hanging, nor treat you as a last-minute replacement to something that was initially planned.

Is he/she a player or genuine lover?

Is he/she a player or genuine lover?

5. You don’t know where you stand with your partner. Having regular sex is not an end, in itself. It should preclude an exclusive arrangement that satisfies both of you. If he or she has not made it explicitly (and, no, not in that sense) known that you are important, you deserve to have somebody who will. The first step towards finding him or her is to walk out on the current player.
Sometimes love blinds us even with the most basic things. So make sure you remember this checklist just in case you’re dating (or you think you are dating) someone shady. It’s still better to be safe than sorry.

5 Foods Helps Improve Sexual Stamina in Bed

Improve your sex life eating

Improve your sex life through eating

Majority of men may at times be affected by erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation at one moment in their lives. Premature ejaculation is a situation that occurs during sexual intercourse in which a man ejaculates very early or before a woman reaches orgasms. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction is a situation which occurs when a guy becomes sexually excited however his penis doesn’t fill with adequate blood that can cause erection or a situation in which a man cannot be able to sustain erection for a very long time to finish a sexual act. Most of the time guys get embarrassed when they are not able to satisfy their women in bed due to lack of stamina. Even though there are normal workout routines that can help a man improve his sexual stamina in bed, eating healthy foods can help you get increase that sexual stamina in bed you are looking for.
The following are 5 top foods that can help a man boost his stamina in bed:


Blueberries are viewed as super sexual foods for guys since they operate just like Viagra. They are packed with elements that assist in relaxing the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation within a man’s body. Besides, blueberries have a lot of fiber which assist in pushing the excess cholesterols out of your system prior to it being absorbed and transported into the arteries. Increased blood circulation and lower cholesterol results in the flow of blood to a man’s penis during sexual intercourse resulting in a stronger and longer penile erection.

Raw oysters

oysters are a powerful aphrodisiac

oysters are a powerful aphrodisiac

According to the “Eat, Drink Better” website, raw oysters have a large quantity of zinc which is very essential for semen, sperm and testosterone production. The testosterone hormone production normally affects the sexual desire, energy and sexual stamina in a guy. Besides, the raw oysters have dopamine which creates a sense of happiness. This feeling of happiness can boost the desire by a man to prolong sex. Lack of zinc in the body can result in sexual performance problems, impotency and sexual dysfunction in some men.


Peanuts are also essential foods to improve a man’s sexual stamina in bed. They are rich in amino acids such as L-arginine, which is an important element in increasing the sexual stamina of a man. This is according to the Dr. Nicholas Perricone who is a healthy aging and dermatologist professional. L-arginine usually relaxes the blood vessels present in the penis enabling more blood to flow to the region and as a result increases sexual stamina in a guy during sexual intercourse.


Bananas are also types of foods that can increase the sexual stamina in a guy by increasing the level of energy during sex. Bananas have an enzyme known as bromelain which improves the male potency, increase libido and sexual stamina. In addition, they are a good source of vitamins, mainly B vitamins which also increase the energy level in the body during sexual intercourse.


regain your energy during sex

regain your energy during sex

Garlic is a healthy food that has an allicin which is a compound that is considered as increasing the flow of blood to the sexual organs. The increase of flow of blood to the penis makes it remain erect for a very long period of time hence increasing a man’s sexual stamina during sexual activities.
If you have been experiencing sexual stamina problems in bed, try eating the above 5 foods and you will regain your energy during sex to make your woman attain orgasms faster.

Top Five Questions You Must Avoid Asking In A Job Interview At Any Cost

Prepare yourself for your first interview

Prepare yourself for your first interview

If you are in a job interview and the interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions?” it is a good sign. This means that the company has some inclination towards the candidate. However, some people blow this opportunity by asking some questions that they later regret. Here are top five such questions you must avoid at any cost.

Salary related questions

If your interview is going good or as expected, it could be one of the most tempting questions to ask. No matter how much you are tempted, do not ask this question. There are two main reasons for this. First is that if you are selected in the first interview, there will be a second interview where you can negotiate with the HR. If you ask this question in the first interview, the interviewers take it negatively. Second reason is that when you ask questions about your salary in the first round, you are taken as a money-minded person. It would imply that you can leave the job tomorrow if you are hired a better salary.

Info about the company

If you have not researched well about the company before coming for an interview, you should not have come for the interview at the first place. Do not ask any questions that show you have not researched about the company before coming for the interview. Not only it shows that you have shortage of confidence in the company, it also shows that you are unprepared about the interview. The thumb rule of any interview is that never ask questions that you cannot get an answer to on Google.

Promotion related questions

certain questions lead to failure in your job interview

certain questions lead to failure in your job interview

When you ask questions like when can I expect to be promoted? What is the promotion policy in your company? You are showing that you are greedy and not ambitious. No one likes to have an employee, who is opportunistic. It reflects instability in your character and companies do not like that.

Company or profile related questions

When you ask questions like what the company does? It shows that you least cared about the company’s profile before coming for the interview and are unprepared or you are too carefree and just came to try your luck. Both of these qualities do not go down well with the interviewers. If you are at an interview, you should have researched about the company you are applying in or about the current opening.

Holiday related questions

Don't ask when can you leave work before you start working

Don’t ask when can you leave work before you start working

When can I go on a vacation? Do I need to work weekends? Will I have to work overtime? How many casual leaves can I get? These questions must be avoided at any cost. It just shows that you want to be paid without working hard for the job. However, if you had a vacation coming up within next two months from your possible date of joining then you must mention that in the interview. This shows your honesty.

Therefore, next time when you are asked, “Do you have any question?” It could also be because company wants to know more about you. The kind of question you ask says a lot about your character, your purpose of coming for the interview and your seriousness.

How to Avoid Being the Victim of an Online Ponzi scheme By Spotting It in Time

online connectivity is a risk business if not taken seriously

Online connectivity is a risky business if not taken seriously

The internet has connected the world in ways we would have thought unimaginable a few centuries back. The reality of today’s connectivity is only dawning in some societies. This connectivity, though still spreading across the globe, has remarkable benefits to offer everyone. The pace of growth in trade, social interactions and the general flow of ideas is immeasurable.
However, with much benefit has come much grief. Thousands of people are losing millions of dollars daily on fraudulent financial schemes over the internet. These fraudulent schemes otherwise known as online Ponzi schemes are discouraging people from investing and/or using the internet to improve their lives. This is why it is important for you learn how to recognize online Ponzi schemes. You can then report them as soon as you see them. Here are some tips on how to spot these fraudulent schemes.

- They Often Have Irresistible Rates Of Return.

It sounds too good to be true? Be aware of a possible Ponzi Scheme

If it sounds too good to be true? It might be a possible Ponzi Scheme

Online Ponzi schemes are a game of preying on hope. Everyone wants to be successful and those who design these schemes know that. Therefore, they will offer you hope on how you can become successful. For example, they will try to convince you that you can become rich very quickly by investing a meagre financial sum in their company.
Some of these schemes will offer you as much as a hundred percent returns on your investment in just three months or less. They will then try to convince you to investment as much of your money as possible and as quickly as possible. It is this sense of urgency coupled with the promise of very high returns that often leads people to start investing in Ponzi schemes.
Make sure that you do not fall victim to these kinds of tactics. Sincere financial schemes often offer you a rate of return that is very close to the market rate. Do not invest in an online company whose rate of return is abnormally higher than the average rate of return of similar investments in the market.

- They Usually Have A Peculiar And Highly Complicated Business Model.

Always remember, look at the business model and try to see if you can understand it. Contrary to popular opinion, financial processes are not very complicated. You can actually trace the flow of the money in the entire business model from start to finish. However, those who are laundering money or building up Ponzi schemes will always try to complicate this flow as much as possible so that you will not ask too many questions. They also do this to circumvent existing laws on finance.
You should therefore question any online business model that does not make sense. Where is your money going? What actual product are you buying? Is it an actual product or is it just a name and some reading material? Who are the other investors? Why do you need to bring in more people? What is the company actually investing in that is bringing back so much return? These are questions that you need yourself before you jump into any online financial plan. Do not invest if you do not quite understand the business model.

- These Companies Are Usually New And Unknown.

Unknown business and mistery businessman could be a scheme

Unknown business and mistery businessman could be a scheme

You need to look at the company’s history and that of its promoters. Do not invest if the company is on record for having developed financial fraud schemes. You also need to look at their marketers. These online companies are likely to be fraudulent if their marketers promote dubious financial entities and products.

In conclusion, ensure that you keep your money safe. Do not just invest in any online scheme that comes along. Make sure that it is a sound financial investment by using the tips on how to recognize online Ponzi schemes mentioned above.